KENTA NEGISHI - Hiroshi Okada

At the time of filming, Kenta was attending the APPLE TREE SCHOOL (see Hikikomori).  He lives in the Saitama prefecture. Kenta is very single-minded and decisive; he only does what feels right for him.



KENTO OGURI - Yuhei Okada

Kento is outstanding at physical activities and loves sports.  He plays baseball in a community baseball team and aims to compete in the national high school baseball league in the future!



MASAKO INNAMI - Yoshiko Okada

Masako, who was born in Tokyo, has been performing in the theatrical world and is due to appear in a sequel of the 2007 play “Choshu no Opera” this fall with Project Arlecchino.  She takes an active part in comedies and public performances as well.  Masako also plays the voice of a unique character, Aiko of Talking Machine, in a Japanese TV series “Steam Head” and has appeared in TV and radio commercials. In films, she appeared in “Kamome,” a feature film directed by Genji Nakamura.



Takeshi is the owner and managing director of a construction company in the Kanagawa prefecture and prior to being cast in Left Handed had no experience of acting in films. When asked to provide some comment for this section of the website, Takeshi had this to say, “When I was approached with the offer to appear in this film, I was not sure if I could act or satisfy the position.  I felt quite anxious.  Once the filming started, however, I had a wonderful time working with the very kind, considerate crew.  I even think that I’d love to do this again.  That’s how much I enjoyed working on this film.  It was such a precious experience.” Takeshi’s son, Yuuya, also appears in the film, in the marbles scene.



Born in Fukushima prefecture in Japan in 1950.
Studied psychology and sociology at Waseda University and Wako University. 
In 1977, he set up a private tutoring school, Tame-Juku, which later became the NPO Youth Support Center (founded in 1999). Since this time, he’s been a pioneer in helping the youth with social withdrawal (Hikikomori) become independent. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare modeled their program to tackle Hikikomori on a support system devised by Mr. Kudo.



Sohko is a staff member of the APPLE TREE SCHOOL in Tokyo. Sohko collaborated with other students and fellow staff members of APPLE TREE SCHOOL for the scenes that take place at the Kudo Center.  


KARIN YAMASHITA - Office Secretary

“I joined because I wanted to help Laurence and the crew. My supreme bliss is to take a nap with my beloved Russian Blue cat.”   Karin essentially plays herself in the film, in the pivotal role of an office secretary who shares the one and only conversation that the lead character, Hiroshi, has in the entire film. Karin was cast on her way home from work in the Hanzomon district of downtown Tokyo

  Toothbrush Girl  

KANAE MATSUMURA - Girl with Toothbrush

Kanae is a student of the APPLE TREE SCHOOL. She is currently very interested in boxing. She likes to practice boxing as well as watching boxing matches. Her hobbies also include playing in a band and soccer.


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